30 Seconds To Mars Ask Fans To Get "Do Or Die" Lyric Tattoos

Are 30 Seconds To Mars going too far in asking their fans to tattoo themselves with their lyrics?


30 Seconds To Mars are currently facing scrutiny over a rather serious proposition to their fans. The band apparently prompted their followers to get "Do Or Die" lyrics tattooed on them as part of music video project, and because it's such an extreme request, fans are questioning their loyalty to the group. Because of all the concerned feedback, TSTM cancelled the contest where you could win to be in the music video if you got the song words permanently on you, and we think it was a good idea to do so. With such a devoted fan base, we bet a ton of people would have gotten the tattoos, but would potentially regret them later.

Listen to "Do Or Die" below: would YOU get your favorite band's lyrics tattooed on you?