4 Lyrical Halloween Costumes Inspired By Popstars

You know how to dress like your favorite pop stars for Halloween (Beyonce & Jay-Z, Kreayshawn, etc), but have you ever based your costume around pop lyrics? If you're still trying to decide what to be for the spookiest day of the year, here are a few ideas that we based around song lyrics from your 4 favorite pop stars!

1. "Last Friday Night" - Katy Perry

This is the perfect costume for a wild Halloween party. All you need to do is get some neutral colored clothes for the base, then stick a bunch of party items to yourself! You can use hot glue (strongest option) or duct tape to attach the items. Don't forget to attach Barbies ("Barbies on the barbecue"), a few fun party pics and the Facebook logo ("Pictures of last night ended up online / I'm screwed. Oh well!"), and colorful dollar-store shot glasses ("And we took too many shots"). Top it all off with lots of glitter ("Glitter all over the room"), pink lipstick ("Think we kissed but I forgot") and Katy's signature heart sunglasses and you're set to "Do it alllllll again!"

2. "Countdown" - Beyonce

Since it's still unknown whether Beyonce & Jay-Z's baby is a boy or girl, if you go as the couple's "3", you'll want to keep the costume gender-neutral. A big question mark signifies the uncertainty of the baby's gender, and the yellow teddy bear and baby blanket keep things safe no matter if it's girl vs. boy. Bonus: a "Rock Star" pacifier will let others know you're music royalty, while a bald cap that matches your skin tone will definitely complete the newborn look!

3. "Cheers (Drink To That)" - Rihanna

This costume, song, and video are all about Rihanna having fun on tour with her friends. The key to this costume is definitely the Ray-Bans because, as Rihanna says "Got my Ray Bans on and I'm feelin' hella cool tonight, yeah" and who doesn't want to feel hella cool, right? Bonus points for denim, edgy floral print, that adorable "Cheers" necklace, Doc Martens boots, and ESPECIALLY a red Ri-Ri wig. And since she talks about whisky ("Oh, let the Jameson sink in") you might opt to carry a cup around — nobody will care if it's just Coca-Cola!

4. "Criminal" - Britney Spears

Hey, all you guys out there — want to be Britney's "Criminal"? You've gotta be a hustler, have handcuffs hanging off you, and be a sucker with a gun (gun, gun, gun). Bring along a duffel bag with Monopoly money in it (a la "Criminal" video...even though they have real money), sport a black-and-white striped shirt and some regular jeans, and you're good to go! Now, all you need is somebody to be your Britney...


We used Polyvore to create these looks — warning, it's addictive! — so if you want to play around on there, we'd love to see what kind of costumes you come up with! Tell us in the comments :) Happy HalloweEeEeEeEeEn!

-AH & SJ