5 Cool New Tunes To Impress Your Friends With This Summer

These up & coming tracks are so hot right now, they're practically cool. Show 'em to your besties!

Summer's here, and oh boy, is it hot out. What you need is some friends, a good time, and some cool new tunes to chill out to. It's always fun to whip out some fresh tracks in front of your besties and successfully blow their mind with your stellar music taste, right? Kick up your hip factor by throwing these five so-hot-they're-cool songs on your music player and breaking them out when your friends need a musical boost on a hot summer day. Ready to count 'em down with us?
On This Day In Music History...

5. All The Rage Back Home (Interpol)

Early 2000s rockers Interpol have been on and off the charts for 10 years now, but we're still shocked to hear that they've got a new single out AND an album on the way. Score! The band's known for their dreary vocals and lyrics tied with tight guitars and percussion, which may not sound super summertime to you, but you'll gain tons of cool points by throwing on some Interpol for your group of pals.

The coolest lyric line: "I keep falling, maybe half the time, maybe half the time / But it's all the rage back home / Yeah, it's all the rage back home..."

4. Cheap Sunglasses (RAC ft. Matthew Koma)

Production team RAC is mainly known for taking artist's songs and re-working them for the club, but after putting out an album of original material earlier this year, the group's destined to be a household name before you know it. We're feeling "Cheap Sunglasses" featuring another up & coming artist, Matthew Koma, mainly because the entire track screams summertime. Ain't nothin' wrong with a pair of cheap sunglasses: with all the fun stuff you & your buds'll be up to this summer, you need a pair you can afford to lose.

The coolest lyric line: "Blue skies, white highs / Won't blind me, everything you hide / Your shades can't shade in the sunlight..."

3. Right Here (Jess Glynne)

You're already familiar with songstress Jess Glynne, believe it or not — she's the vocalist featured on Clean Bandit's smash "Rather Be", and now she's venturing out on the charts on her own. "Right Here" is a fresh, funky ode to a lover that's kind of like "Rather Be", part two: there's no place she's rather be than right here. Perfect for a summer party in your BFF's backyard.

The coolest lyric line: "I can't give one for wish or not at all / When you least expect it's creepin' up on you / No confiding nor abide it 'till I rose / And now I'm counting knowing that I'm here with you..."

2. Stolen Dance (Milky Chance)

This song may be over a year old, but like many current pop jams, "Stolen Dance" is a slow burner of a hit. Songwriter Milky Chance (did he mean to rhyme his song title with his name?) has been making waves over in Europe with this dreamy, minimal toe-tapper about getting your groove on all night. Finally, North America is just beginning to catch on: we think you & your friends will like this one.

The coolest lyric line: "And I want you / We can bring it on the floor / You've never danced like this before / But we don't talk about it / Dancin' on..."

1. Giant In My Heart (Kiesza)

If you haven't heard of Kiesza yet, well, get ready to see her name in lights! She's bringing back that classic 90's house sound with her latest single, "Giant In My Heart", just like she did with her breakthrough track "Hideaway". Your friends will wonder if you've put on a retro dance anthem if you cue this up at a bangin' basement dance party!

The coolest lyric line: "So give me all the magic / Just give me all the magic that we made / It's like a giant in my heart babe..."

What's the latest cool track you've been digging this summer? We wanna know! Tell us in the comments.