5 Songs We Hope Beyonce Plays On Her Mrs. Carter World Tour

Beyonce kicked off her Mrs. Carter World Tour earlier this week in Belgrade, Serbia and played to hundreds of screaming-crying-losing-their-cool fans. We don't even want to imagine the kinds of tears we're going to cry when we see Queen Bey in North America so instead we wanted to focus on what we'd like to hear when she tops by our hometown...

5. "Freakum Dress"

When we watched Bey's performance of "Freakum Dress" on her I Am... World Tour DVD, we knew we needed to experience it live. With her full band including a kick-ass guitarist and a brass section, this is the ultimate crowd pump-up song. People. Will. Go. Nuts.

4. "Baby Boy"

If watching the above live performance of "Baby Boy" doesn't make you want to see it live, there's no hope for you. Beyonce is an expert at building anticipation with her live shows and the unique instrumentation on this track makes it easy to add mystery. PLUS: super cool belly dancing!

3. "Halo"

"Remember those walls I built? / Well baby they're tumbling down." Just hearing that first line from "Halo" is enough to have us reaching for the tissues and we think seeing it live would be very powerful, and would result in a beautiful arena-wide sing-along (and definitely a clap-along!)

2. "Run The World (Girls)"

The Mrs. Carter tour is Beyonce's first time touring for her latest album 4 (an account of Miss Blue Ivy Carter!) and this was the first single from that album which makes us super eager to see what she'll do with it performance-wise. She brought in a dance group from Africa for the video so you know she goes big.

1. "I Was Here"

This is the ultimate goosebump-inducing song about living your life with the purpose of leaving a lasting legacy. If just hearing the recorded version already gives us chills, what kind of chills will we get when we hear it live in a sea of other fans? We may need a doctor...

What's your favorite Beyonce song? What do you hope to see her perform on tour? Tell us!