7 Songs You MUST Have On Your July 4th Long Weekend Playlist

Trust us: no 4th of July weekend is complete without these jams.

Happy Independence Day, America! Can you smell those barbecues being fired up? Can you hear the fires crackling? See the fireworks blasting? It's that time of year again, where Americans get a solid long weekend to celebrate the birthday of the States. Naturally, you're going to need some music for whatever classic American traditions you partake in, so we're here to help. Just doing our patriotic duty, is all! Get ready for a party in the U.S.A. with these 7 songs that you MUST have on your July 4th playlist...
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7. Break Free — Ariana Grande

Hot off the presses! Ariana Grande's latest single, featuring DJ/producer Zedd, just happens to have a fitting song title when it comes to July 4th. It's a day to celebrate freedom, just like Ariana's doing in her lyrics.

Most party-ready lyric: "This is the part when I say I don't want it / I'm stronger than I've been before / This is the part when I break free / 'Cause I can't resist it no more..."

6. Life Of The Party — Shawn Mendes

Shawn Mendes is living the American dream! He first launched his career on the social media video app Vine, and now he's the 'life of the party'. Make your dreams come true by playing this new party tune.

Most party-ready lyric: "We don't have to be ordinary / Make your best mistakes / Cause we don't have the time to be sorry / So baby be the life of the party..."

5. Brooklyn Baby — Lana Del Rey

As the poster child for pretty much every American youth, Lana Del Rey does her best to embody the States in many of her lyrics. We went with "Brooklyn Baby" for the NYC nabe reference, as well as the utter classic coolness of the song.

Most party-ready lyric: "They say I'm too young to love you / I don't know what I need / They think I don't understand / The freedom land of the 70's..."

4. American Kids — Kenny Chesney

Awesome timing, Kenny! The country legend just released this USA-friendly single, perfect for your long weekend filled with good ol' fashioned American road trippin'.

Most party-ready lyric: "We were teenage dreamin', front seat leanin' / Baby, come give me a kiss / Put me on the cover of the Rolling Stone / Uptown down home American kids..."

3. Firework — Katy Perry

Oh man, Katy Perry, this is just too easy. You simply knew that when you put the actual phrase 'Fourth of July' in your lyrics, people would totally queue this song up every Independence Day, right? Obviously give this song a go when it's fireworks time in your neighborhood.

Most party-ready lyric: "Ignite the light / And let it shine / Just own the night / Like the Fourth of July / 'Cause baby, you're a firework..."

2. Counting Stars — OneRepublic

All-American pop-rockers OneRepublic know how to write singalong songs like no other. Do you think lead singer/songwriter Ryan Tedder was looking at the American flag when he wrote this song down? Play this one late at night when you're BBQ-ing with friends under the stars.

Most party-ready lyric: "I've been praying hard, / Said, no more counting dollars / We'll be counting stars..."

1. Party In The USA — Miley Cyrus

Do we even need to explain why Miley's ultimate anthem to the good ol' US of A is at no.1? We thought not. Little did Jessie J know when she penned this track for Cyrus that it would be close to replacing the National Anthem!

Most party-ready lyric: "Got my hands up, they're playin' my song / And now I'm gonna be okay / Yeah, it's a party in the USA..."

Happy 4th Of July long weekend! What songs are you blasting this Independence Day?