8 Need-To-Know Christmas Carols

Christina Flack and company sing Christmas carols

This one goes out to all you Christmas carolers spreading Christmas cheer. You won't disappoint with these favorite holiday songs in your set:

1. The Christmas Song

You might be an impressive singer, but Nat King Cole has you beat.

2. White Christmas

This'll put you in a Christmas mood, even if you're caroling in the tropics.

3. Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer

Because everybody loves an underdog story.

4. Silent Night

Nothing puts you in a peaceful holiday mood like this song.

5. Jingle Bells

For what it's worth, you've got my permission to sing the "Batman smells" version, just like Jimmy Fallon Bob Dylan.

6. Deck The Halls

Even the President knows this one.

7. The Little Drummer Boy

The original little drummer boy, not this one.

8. Rockin Around The Christmas Tree

Channel your inner Kevin McCallister.