A Fine Frenzy's Ali Sudol Shares Her Musical Mind With Us

My Musical Mind

You may not recognize Ali Sudol of alternative-pop effort A Fine Frenzy above (due to a slight change in hair color: this was once her!), but you're sure to remember her for her clever artist name and, of course, her beautifully written music. With two albums under her belt already, this singer/songwriter has been in the music biz since 2007, and is ready to release her third record Pines, out on October 9th. With a new hair color and a woodsy theme to her upcoming release, we're super excited to see where Ali goes next in her budding career, and we were even more stoked to read about her Musical Mind...


Listen and learn the words to A Fine Frenzy's first single "Now Is The Start" off her new album, Pines: