A Lyrical Guide To Uncommon Instrument Day

It's Uncommon Instrument Day, so celebrate with these, er, wacky instruments in these lyrics...


Happy Uncommon Instrument Day, everybody! That's right, today's the day to honor all those instruments that never get a break: guitars, drums, and pianos are usually stealing the spotlight. So, why not pick up an instrument that doesn't get a lot of attention on this fine Wednesday? Not sure what instruments aren't usually played? Our Lyrical Guide to Uncommon Instrument Day will help you out. Check it out below...

Tip #1: Dig out that kazoo from your childhood toy box

"Willy goes into a dance and doubles on kazoo / Down on the corner, out in the street / Willy and the poor boys are playin' / Bring a nickel, tap your feet..." — Creedence Clearwater Revival, "Down On The Corner"

One great thing about the kazoo is that you'll probably find it lying around your house somewhere, and all it takes is an inhale and an exhale. Join CCR in a street party and break out your kazoo skills!

Tip #2: Give the didgeridoo a try and embrace your inner Australian

"Cause she's so Australian / Down under on my didgeridoo..." — B.o.B, "Cool Side"

We're assuming the didgeridoo is an uncommon instrument because of how difficult it is to play, but if your life's in need of a good challenge, listen to B.o.B and give it a shot!

Tip #3: Ukulele chords are different than guitar chords

"Do you mind? / If I play the ukulele / Just like a little lady..." — Janelle Monae, "Tightrope"

If you're a guitar player and think you can easily transfer your skills over to the ukulele, then think again — their chords differ than their guitar cousin! We don't mind if you play the ukulele, Janelle Monae, but make sure you know the chord formation.

Tip #4: Borrow a tuba from your high school band

"In real life the only time / I've ever even been to L.A. / Is when I got the chance with the marching band / To play tuba in the Rose Parade..." — Brad Paisley, "Online"

One of the more unfortunate instruments deserves love today: tubas are just so sad! If you play (or played) it in high school, dust it off and give it a chance again.

Tip #5: Try to love the bagpipes

"Bring my bagpipe, I grab my flute..." — Macklemore, "Castle"

Do you have Scottish blood? Whether you do or not, join Macklemore in an impromptu performance and take your best shot at playing this, er, interesting instrument.

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Do you have any tips on playing uncommon instruments from other pop lyrics? Let us know in the comments...