PREMIERE: Catch a Glimpse of Life as a Touring Musician in Adam Cohen's 'We Go Home' Video

The singer is debuting his new video right here.

Adam Cohen is a Canadian musician. Now, I realize that when the words Cohen, Canadian, and musician appear in the same sentence, they immediately evoke the legendary Leonard Cohen, so I should tell you that Adam is Leonard's son, and a talented musician in his own right. He just released his brand new single "We Go Home," and we're bringing you the first look at the video right here.
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Adam's brand new lyric video for "We Go Home" — which isn't so much a lyric video as it is a music video with subtitles — gives us a glimpse at life on the road as a touring musician, complete with all its quintessential moments. There's the time spent together with bandmates on the bus, the pre-show routine, the moments of quiet introspection while wandering the streets of a strange town, and, of course, the reason a touring musician becomes a touring musician in the first place: the opportunity to play in front of thousands of adoring fans.

Watch the "We Go Home" video below:

"We Go Home" is the lead single off an upcoming album of the same name, scheduled for a September 16th release. Head over to Adam's website to stay in know prior to the album's release.

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