Adam Lambert and Better Than I Know Myself Lyrics

For all you non-Glamberts that didn't know, Adam Lambert made an appearance on Ellen this week for a chat and also to perform his song "Better Than I Know Myself".  Among lighter topics, Ellen also asked Adam about his brush with the law in Finland. Adam and his boyfriend Sauli Koskinen were arrested in December when a fight between them escalated and got a little out of hand. Ellen bravely asked Lambert about the fight, and here's what he had to say:
"Everybody has their ups and downs. Things happen. When you add alcohol to a situation, things can get out of control... What happened was, we had too much to drink. We screwed up. There was no injuries, no violence. It was more just childish, foolish messiness."

He went on to say that he and Koskinen have since made up and have resolved to clean up their act and get healthier in 2012. He said of his relationship: "I'm so lucky to have fallen in love with a great partner." After spilling his heart to millions of at-home viewers, Adam took to the stage to perform his song "Better Than I Know Myself" and we thought the lyrics hit pretty close to home...

The song is an electro love ballad about a relationship with somebody who really knows you, and who you really love. One line of heartfelt lyrics says:
I get kind of dark / Let it go too far / I can be obnoxious at times / But try and see my heart / Cause I need you now / So don't let me down / You are the only thing in this world / I would die without

Those lines totally echo what Adam talked about with Ellen and how his fight with Koskinen was childish, foolish, messiness. The rest of the song is about how much this person really means to him, even though there are ups and downs, which is echoed by Adam in his talk with Ellen:
If I wanted to leave / I would've left by now / But you're the only one that knows me / Better than I know myself

Do you think Adam's lyrics are about his relationship?