Adele: Conquering The Music World In 2011

Have you ever heard of this singer called Adele? I think she has a few songs out, maybe an album? Ok, ok, that was a pretty lame joke. Adele has had the biggest year of any new pop music star in recent memory so unless you've set up camp in a cave in the Himalayas, you've heard of her. And beyond just hearing of her, you're likely to have bought her album 21: she sold over 6 million copies worldwide in 2011.

Adele smashed numerous records last year (wow, it feels weird saying last year) like when her song 'Rolling In the Deep' became the first to top 5 million paid downloads in one year, or when she was recpgnized by Guinness World Records for being the first female artist to have two singles and two albums in the UK top five 5 simultaneously.

This superstar artist was so on our radar this year, what with our website stats reflecting insane amounts of visitors to her lyrics pages every day, that we picked Adele as the winner of our 'MetroLyrics Undisputed Champion of the Year' prize. She also won the MetroLyrics award for 'THE Breakup Song of the Year" for 'Someone Like You'. With 2011 at a close and a new year ready for the taking, 21 is catching up to the record set for most weeks at #1 which is currently held by the Titanic soundtrack! Talk about some big shoes to fill, but we know that with her talent and poise she could easily take the record.