Adele Will Sing The New Bond Theme Song "Skyfall"

Finally, we have conformation: Adele will be joining the ranks of Madonna, Paul McCartney, Alicia Keys and other Bond theme singers as she belts out "Skyfall", the official tune for the upcoming James Bond movie of the same name. Adele's been rumored to be recording this song since last year, and the diva broke the news herself by tweeting the songbook to "Skyfall", written by the songstress and her production partner Paul Epworth. Since the lyrics haven't been revealed yet, we can only guess what the tune is going to sounds like, but without the word "die" in the title (like most of the other Bond themes), we can assume it will be less aggressive and more soft and soulful.

What do you guys think Adele's "Skyfall" will sound like? What will the lyrics be about?