Adele Working With Florence + The Machine Producers On New Album

Image c/o Jason Merritt (Getty)

Breathe a sigh of relief, Adele fans: the songstress is finally back in the studio recording new music! Following up her massive album 21 will be no easy process, but we bet it's going to be a record of epic proportions because of who Adele is working with. Penning songs with both James Ford and Kid Harpoon, these British pop producers are well-known for their work with fellow UK singer/songwriter Florence Welch, which potentially hints at Adele making some sort of ethereal anthem like "Shake It Out" or "Spectrum". With a strong voice like Adele's, as well as having a baby with the love of her life, we think that an album with a positive, uplifting theme is the right choice for the diva's third record. There's no due date for the album yet, but hopefully we can expect new music from Adele by the end of the year!

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