Amber Rose and Wiz Khalifa Collaborative Track: "Fame"

Amber Rose must've been tired of getting introduced as "Wiz Khalifa's girlfriend", "Kanye's ex" or "that bald chick in that Nicki Minaj music video" because she's now a full-blown singer. Miss Rose released her first single today—a collaboration with her tatted beau, Wiz Khalifa aptly titled "Fame".

On the track, Amber waxes poetic on the major transformation her life has undertaken in the past three years since her shift from club dancer to high-profile-rap-mogul-girlfriend. Private jets, one of a kind clothes, and being mobbed by paparazzi are all covered. And let's be real, nobody knows about those things better than the "no hair, don't care" beauty. But amidst all the perks of fame, Amber seems to stay grounded (she is still nouvelle-riche, after all):
Three years ago, just a girl/ Now your name is known around the world / This is a new situation / You're now an overnight sensation / Now you're ready for the fame 

Wiz comes in near the end with an adorably supportive verse, telling all the haters to lay off his honey:
Now you're bustin' out, doin your thing / In your face, braggers you're the one that they fuss about / You's a bad little mother, shut your mouth

Amber fades out with the line "Everything you say can be used against you". Hmm.. perhaps a reference to her now famous "Yeezy taught me" pocket call reenacted on Kanye's "Blame Game"?

Whatever the case, the song is crazy catchy and sort of reminds us of Paris Hilton's dip into the music world with Paris (which, sidenote, was a really great pop album! Seriously! Even Lady Gaga says so.) As far as Amber's music goes, we like what we hear so far. The glitz, the glam, the synth; it all works. We've got our ear to the ground for more.