An Interview with Björk & Her "Biophilia" Lyrics Theme Revealed

Taken from Björk's video for "Moon" — do you think she suits ginger hair? We do!

We all know Icelandic popstar Björk for her unique style; not only physically, but vocally and musically as well. It's not for everybody, and she's clearly OK with that. Despite her oddities, legions of fans regard Miss Björk as a musical "hero", especially in reference to electronica — and also her epic storytelling in her song lyrics. The artistic wonder recently released Biophilia, an album that has her lyrics channelling biology, the galaxy, and overall science. Says Björk of her record's theme to Streetdate, "All creation myths, at the time of their making, were science."

Keeping up with the times, Björk whipped up a series of Biophilia iPhone/iPod/iPad apps that coincide with her album release. Here's an introduction of the app narrated by David Attenborough:

When Streetdate asked what came first in the recording of the album, the music or the lyrics, Björk offered a heartily detailed answer (which discusses the use of her Biophilia apps):

They kind of come side by side. In a way the entry point in this was ending the last tour and having those touch screens. The first thing I started was programming pendulums on touch screens because something I always wanted to sing on top of was pendulums as a rhythm because it has a sort of regularity to it but it is also irregular so it is more organic. I would start with the lyrics and I would get really emotional about writing a song and I was like 'wow that's sort of like the moon' so it sort of grew like a plant, quite organically. The moon pulls up the tide and that is the sequence before the song. Once you have that setup, you sort of do a lot of songs so it was a lot of sketches. I guess the 10 songs I ended up picking, I felt the natural element and the emotional angle and the song. Nobody was suffering for the other, they kind of met in equal strength in one point.

You can find the rest of the interview on Streetdate, as well as a track-by-track review of Biophilia for your reading pleasure. 

~ A.H.