Are Justin Bieber and Adam Levine Forming A Supergroup?

Our friends at B96 just alerted us to something that deserves attention: one of Just Bieber's latest tweets! In it he seems to coyly reveal something potentially huge. See for yourself:


A super-group with the Biebs and Adam Levine?! That's hardly a "group", do you think Justin's mentor Usher might play a part? Maybe Levine's The Voice co-star Christina Aguilera? We have no proof so far about who could be part of this upcoming super-group but we (and all the Beliebers out there) are very intrigued. Here are some songs we could see Justin and Adam playing together:

Possible Song Name: "She Will Be One Less Lonely Girl"

Sample Lyrics: "Tap on my window, knock on my door / I want to make you feel beautiful / I'm coming for you, I'm gonna put you first / I'm coming for you, I'll show you what you're worth"

This song would be a beautiful love ballad to all the girls out there who have ever felt insecure and alone. You WILL be loved (by a pop superstar).

Possible Song Name: "If I Never See U Smile Again"

Sample Lyrics: "Baby take my open heart and all it offers  / Cause this is as unconditional as it'll ever get / If I never see u smile again, I won't smile / Baby, baby, please believe me"

This one takes the harshness of Maroon 5's cheating song and tempers it with the sweet, unconditional love of Justin's song. A match made in heaven.

Possible Song: "Never Say Never Gonna Leave This Bed"

Sample Lyrics: "And there's just no turning back / When your heart's under attack / You hurt me / But do I deserve this? / I will never say never / I will fight / I will fight 'til forever / To make it right" 

This one would be a song about not giving up when somebody is hurting you. You have to stand up for yourself! Inspirational :')

Do you have any funny suggestions for a possible Bieber/Levine song? Who else do you think will join their super-group? Let us know below...