Are Lady Gaga, Drake's Lyrics Bad For Your Health?

It seems like a ridiculous question, but we were highly intrigued when our friends at 92.3 NOW Radio covered an interesting piece about song lyrics being divided into healthy/unhealthy categories. The Boston Public Health Commission created a tool that allows people to create a Sound Relationships Nutrition Label for their favorite songs: click both links to be directed to the study and the charts.

What does this all mean? According to their calculations, popular artists like Lady Gaga and Drake have lyrics that are potentially harmful towards children's mental health because of negative themes, words, and suggested actions. But we wanted to know what these "nutritional facts" were based on and just how they related to lyrics...

The nutrition label "invites consumers to become song lyric nutritionists by helping them identify relationship ingredients that make up a song". Using the song title as well as its lyrics, listeners are encouraged to tally the healthy vs. unhealthy aspects that make up a song.

Want to know which songs are considered "healthy" for you and your children to listen to? A few examples that Boston Public Health agreed with were Justin Bieber's "One Time", Jason Mraz's "I'm Yours", and The Black Eyed Peas's "Meet Me Halfway". All three songs portray positive messages of commitment, affection, and compromise.

What about the songs from the "bad apples" Lady Gaga and Drake? Gaga lands the "naughty" list twice with "Paparazzi" and "Bad Romance", which Drake's "Best I Ever Had"'s multiple uses of cursing lands him in the unhealthy slot.

Will you start listening to "healthy" song lyrics or do you even believe in measuring out your music like calories? Let us know in the comments.