Ariana Grande Adds Her Own Verse To "Last Christmas"

The pop diva decided to include a few new lyrics of her own in her rendition of the Christmas classic!

Wham!'s "Last Christmas" may have been released in the eighties, but it's definitely considered to be a classic holiday jam, and dozens of artists have put their own spin on the poppy tune. The latest to hop on the cover train? Songbird Ariana Grande, whose pipes definitely hold up to recording a solid version of the Christmas hit.

Just to make her style of the song extra-special, Ariana added an extra verse with her own lyrics to "Last Christmas" that start it off right. Check out the sassy verse put into the track by Ms. Grande:

"I hate that I remember
I wish I could forget
What you did last December
You left my heart a mess
Boy you blew it
How could you do it..."

She also adds the following lyrics to the track near its end:

"How could you leave Christmas morning
You broke my heart with no warning...

Listen to Ariana Grande's version of the holiday classic "Last Christmas" off YouTube:

Are you a fan of the lyrical verse Ariana Grande added to her cover of "Last Christmas"?