Artists Influenced By Peter Gabriel

At what point does one become a music legend? Is it once you've sold a million records? When you sell out Madison Square Gardens? Or maybe you become a music legend when a YouTube sensation covers one of your songs.

It could be any of these factos that defines a legendary status, but there's no denying that once big name bands start citing you as a major influence, you've hit the big time. Case in point: Peter Gabriel. Street Date Radio recently published an article outlining five major artists influenced by the Genesis frontman. Here's a few of our favorites:


Radiohead's massively successful album (well, okay, they all are, but still) OK Computer nodded to the recognizable synth sound of Genesis with their use of Moog & Mellotron.

The Killers

Critics have pointed out Peter Gabriel's influence on The Killers's album Sam's Town—but it really shines through on "My List" and "Why Do I Keep Counting?".

Iron Maiden

These metal rockers might come as a surprise on this list, but bassist Steve Harris (the band's primary songwriter) credits Genesis as a huge influence. Just take a look at the mythical-imagery filled lyrics to "The Return Of The Giant Hogweed" and you'll find it hard not to spot out how it inspired Iron Maiden's songwriting:
Turn and run, nothing can stop them / Around every river and canal their power is growing / Stamp them out, we must destroy them / They infiltrate each city with their thick dark warning odor

Hit up Street Date Radio to scope the full list of artists influenced by Peter Gabriel. And if you're looking for some Peter Gabriel inspiration of your own, be sure to tune in to Live on Letterman Wednesday November 9th at 9pm EST for the legend's performance.