Avril Lavigne's A Comic Book Hero In Her "Rock N Roll" Music Video

Avril lets 'em know that she's still "Rock N Roll" in her crime-fighting new video...


What's more "Rock N Roll" than trying to defeat a wanted criminal dressed in camouflage and studs who declares that rock n' roll is dead? Avril Lavigne's latest music video could be one of her best, with the diva dressed to the nines as her super hero alter ego attempting to rid the world of those against rock. Proclaiming Just put up a middle finger to the sky / Let them know were still rock 'n roll, we see Avril and her comrades go on an adventure, comic book style, as they get into all sorts of hijinks trying to overcome evil.

Letting her sense of humor come through, Avril's music video also stars well-known bad guy actor Billy Zane and actress Danica McKellar, who shares a comically intimate scene with Lavigne halfway through the vid. Rock n' roll is certainly not dead, and we have AL to thank: watch the music video on VEVO below and let us know what you think of it in the comments!