Azealia Banks ft. Pharrell — "ATM Jam" Lyric Video

Good thing we have the lyrics for this track: you can barely read 'em in the video!


There's no due date for the debut record by buzzworthy rapper Azealia Banks, cleverly titled Broke With Expensive Taste, but at least we can hear her latest single. Borrowing Pharrell to sing "ATM Jam"'s bridge and hook, a lyric video has been released for the song, and we're not gonna lie: it's pretty darn hard to read!

The lyric video for "ATM Jam" definitely looks good, though, which makes us wonder if this is the tune's actual music video as opposed to lyric vid. Filled with cool CGI effects (featuring dollar bills, of course), the lyrics flash across the screen in a relatively illegible font. Good thing we have the lyrics to the song: you might need them on hand! Watch the lyric video (or music video...we're not sure!) for Azealia & Pharrell's "ATM Jam" on VEVO below and tell us what you think: