B.o.B & Taylor Swift? A New Collabo In The Works

It might sound like an odd collaboration at first — a hip-hopper and a country crooner — but remember B.o.B's biggest hit "Airplanes" with Hayley Willams of Paramore? Doesn't seem so weird now, does it? We found out about this exciting news from our friends over at B96, and how did they find out about it? Through an interview at South by Southwest (SXSW) with the abbreviated rappers B.o.B and T.I.!

Apparently, the interviewer asked if the rumours regarding the new collabo could be confirmed, and T.I. himself stated "I can. I heard it." Regarding Taylor Swift, T.I. continued with "Taylor's [got] extended hustle game. She's a part of the crew, she just don't have her dog tags yet." LOL! We know T.I. has love for Taylor, since they did perform "Live Your Life" together when she was on tour in Atlanta!

What do you think B.o.B and Taylor Swift's song is going to sound like? What are the lyrics going to be about? Let us know in the comments!