Bastille's Dan Smith Explains Why He Loves Writing Bleak (Yet Uplifting) Pop Songs

The frontman delves into the writing process behind "The Weight Of Living" in this new episode of Between The Lines

's massive hit "Pompeii" may be a fun pop banger on the surface, but if you look into the lyrics a bit deeper, the song is about the ancient Italian town that was destroyed by the infamous Mount Vesuvius erupting. Band leader Dan Smith certainly has a knack for crafting pop ballads which sound light-hearted but contain some pretty dark lyrics, and he discusses it further in our new episode of Between The Lines. Launching into a breakdown of "The Weight Of Living" (which is actually broken up into two parts), Smith tells us that the root of the song lies in the panic you feel as you grow up. But he wanted to mask the "depressing, bleak" lyrics with an uplifting melody to frame them, because that's what he adores so much about pop music. "I like in pop music that it's often serious and weighty themes [that are] framed in a way that's going to get stuck in your head for days," remarks Dan in the video. "There's something quite cathartic about that." Watch the full video above for the full story behind Bastille's unique approach to writing.
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