Beck Announces New Album 'Morning Phase', Drops New Song

One of our favorite singer/songwriters is back with his 12th studio album!

Known as one of music's biggest shape-shifters, you really never know what you're going to get when singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist Beck releases a new album. Case in point: Morning Phase, Beck's upcoming 12th studio album, due out on February 25th. Known for blending rock with electronica, blues, and even funk, the unclassifiable artist's debut single from the record, "Blue Moon", is a gorgeous, fluid song about not wanting to feel so alone anymore.

Beck dropped the audio for the single today, and debuted a preview of the album on YouTube for his fans to see. Singing Oh don't leave me on my own / Left me standing all alone / Cut me down to size so I can fit inside / Lies you try to hide behind your eyes in what appears to be the song's chorus, it sounds like Beck's been wronged by somebody he loves (or, well, used to love) which leaves him feeling vulnerable and small. The musical vibe of the song is soft and almost folk-like, reminiscent of his Sea Change days.

Watch the preview of Beck's Morning Phase off YouTube below:

Do you have a favorite lyric from Beck's new song "Blue Moon"? Share it with us in the comments, and be sure to pre-order the album off iTunes if you like what you hear.