Best Coast's Motto Is "There's No Place Like Home" On New Album

Best Coast The Only Place

Back in 2010, the indie music community was bowled over by simplicity: Bethany Cosentino and Bobb Bruno's Best Coast delivered breezy guitar riffs, Motown-era drum beats and storybook lyrics that gave new meaning to the genre "lo-fi". Their debut album, Crazy For You, made the band one of the most talked-about indie rock groups in a long time, and shot them into fame pretty darn quickly. As they toured around the world, singer Cosentino began to get homesick for her loving state of California, and that's where the idea for their sophomore release The Only Place was born.

The lyrics are still simple on their second album, but it's evident that Cosentino has grown as a songwriter, not to mention singer. Her vocals are more powerful as opposed to sing-songy, and she belts odes to the Golden State, as well as other people bossing her around and her rebelling against them. As much as Crazy For You was a solid debut release, the lyrical content was strictly about a boy, and we love how Best Coast's songwriting evolved to more complex issues like depression, society, and homesickness.

The track listing and lyrics for Best Coast's The Only Place, out tomorrow, are:

1. The Only Place (free download here)
2. Why I Cry
3. Last Year
4. My Life
5. No One Like You
6. How They Want Me To Be
7. Better Girl
8. Do You Love Me Like You Used To
9. Dreaming My Life Away
10. Let's Go Home
11. Up All Night

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