BET Awards 2011 - Chris Brown's "Awkweird" Moment

A common phrase we use around the MetroLyrics office is "awkweird" (awkward + weird), because sometimes there are moments in life that fit that description just right. Case in point: the Chris Brown and Rihanna award mix-up that took place last night at the 2011 BETs. During the presentation of the Coca-Cola Viewer's Choice Award, a contest winner (the gal in fuchsia) got to present the award reading off one of those fancy new tablets instead of a teleprompter.

The story goes like this: she read that Chris Brown was the winner for "Look At Me Now" first, but then corrected herself and announced Rihanna's "What's My Name" instead. Drake "awkweirdedly" accepted the award on her behalf, since Ms. RiRi's on the road for her North American tour, but it was later revealed via BET's Twitter that Chris Breezy actually WAS the winner of the award. CAN YOU SAY AWKWEIRD??? Ok, that'll be the last time I mention that word. I promise.

To lighten the mood a little, let's finish off with a performance from Mr. Brown himself: a back-to-back hitfest with "She Ain't You" and the award-winning (not "What's My Name") "Look At Me Now".  

(P.S. look for a guest appearance from a mystery ol-skool rapper!) 

(P.P.S. What is UP with the armless jacket and Mickey Mouse pants?) 

~ A.H.