BET Hip-Hop Awards: Lyricist Of The Year

The BET Hip-Hop Awards are tonight! We're so excited to find out the winners and to see the Black Carpet fashion and to hear all the speeches!

Previously, we broke down the Sweet 16 Award nominees and now we're focusing on one of the most meaningful prizes of the whole show: Lyricist Of The Year. Every hip-hop fan knows that great lyrics, rhymes, and flow can take a good beat and transform it into a quotable hit song, which is why this award is one of the most coveted of the whole show.

Here's what the BET Hip-Hop Awards 2011 website says about each nominee:

Aside from the commercial successes of his albums, each Jay-Z verse inspires analysis and praise.

Lil Wayne:
The lyrical Hot Boy ups every track with his verbal acrobats and sharp punch lines, which makes him an undeniable candidate for a BET Hip Hop Award Lyricist of the Year.

Nicki Minaj:
The Trini-born Best Lyricist nominee stood toe-to-toe against rap's big boys on Kanye West's "Monster" and she has not stepped down since.

Rick Ross:
The kingpin rapper lyrically bossed up on "Tupac Back" which garnered him a Lyricist of the Year nomination.

Kanye West:
On his fifth studio album, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy Mr. West continued to play the role of triple threat—producer, director and top-rated lyricist.

So now we leave it to you: which of these lyrical geniuses is going to take home the prize? Vote in our poll below and don't forget to catch the show at 8P/7C tonight on BET!

- SJ