BET Hip-Hop Awards: Sweet 16 Award for Best Featured Verse

The BET Hip-Hop Awards were held last weekend and scheduled to air on Tuesday October 11th. When we first heard that they weren't live-broadcast, a few things went through our minds: 1) Good. Rappers are notoriously unpredictable (do I even have to reference the Kanye vs. Taylor Swift incident? Well, I just did) and 2) The suspense is killing us! It's like in America's Next Top Model or Survivor where the winner has to zip their lips until the finale airs — they know they won but they can't even brag about it yet!

To pass the time and calm our nerves, we want to break down one of our favorite categories presented at this year's show: the Sweet 16 Award For Best Featured Verse. It's our favorite because it's based on lyrics and hip-hop is one of the richest genres when it comes to great lyricism. Lets check out the nominees:

Busta Rhymes "Look At Me Now" (w/ Chris Brown and Lil Wayne)

Everyone knows it — Busta Rhymes is FAST. This one has great rhymes and flow but the piece de resistance is of course his speed.

Lil Wayne "Motivation" (w/ Kelly Rowland)

Lil Wayne's verse on this racy track took it too a whole 'nother level. He definitely helped make her comeback worth paying attention to!

Nicki Minaj "Monster" (w/ Kanye West, Rick Ross, Jay-Z, and Bon Iver)

This is easily one of the freakiest Nicki verses ever. It doesn't help that the accompanying video features a gaggle of dead models! But with that said, it's one of her strongest verses because of the rhymes, the delivery, and her signature crazy voices.

Wiz Khalifa "Bright Lights, Bigger City" (w/ Cee-Lo Green)

Everything Cee-Lo touches is gold so this is a definite challenger. The line about gettin' bread so we toast is permanently stuck in our heads. Clever, Wiz!

Wiz Khalifa "Till I'm Gone" (w/ Tinie Tempah)

We didn't think this one would be a contender because Wiz is just singing the chorus, but yes, I did say SINGING the chorus! We've never heard Wiz be quite so melodic before and it's kind of a cool side of him.

So, what do you think, who's going to win the Sweet 16 prize? Any other predictions for the BET Hip-Hop Awards? Tell us in the comments!

For an inside look, check out V-103's BET Hip-Hop Awards coverage behind the scenes on the Black Carpet. And don't forget to tune into the show on Tuesday, October 11th at 8P/7C on BET.