Beyonce Addresses Marriage Equality With "Single Ladies" Lyrics

Images c/o Ray Amati (Getty) |

All the single ladies! And single men! And, well, single people! Put your hands up, because Beyonce is standing up for your human right to put a ring on it. The diva posted to Instagram a quick little note she wrote up, featuring the lyrics to her mega-hit "Single Ladies", stating If you like it, you should be able to put a ring on it.. Marriage equality was a big issue yesterday when Proposition 8, aka the law that states marriage should only occur between a man and a woman, was up for debate in the Supreme Court. Many celebrities spoke out to support the removal of said law on the Web, but leave it to Queen Bey to use her lyrics to get her point across. Whoa-oh-oh!

Watch the epic music video for "Single Ladies" below:

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