Beyonce Calls Out Society's Perception Of Beauty in "Pretty Hurts" Video

It's the soul that needs the surgery, according to Queen Bey.

Forgive us, MetroLyrics readers, for the release of the Queen Bey's self-titled fifth album at midnight EST last night still has us in shock. That's right -- Beyonce, or YONCE as she's calling herself these days, threw up an entirely new collection of songs, complete with their own music video, on iTunes yesterday, and the music world has been turned upside down.

Speaking of videos, the full-length clip for the album's first song "Pretty Hurts" has hit the Web, and it's a seven-minute clip featuring our Queen as, well, a pageant queen. The obsession with beauty and weight and going under the knife is nothing new when it comes to being a woman, but Beyonce has shed light on the always-controversial subject not only by releasing a song about it, but a video as well.

Co-written by Sia Furler, the powerhouse behind some of pop's biggest hits like "Titanium", "Pretty Hurts" has Beyonce telling us "Pretty hurts / We shine a light on what ever's worst / Perfection is the disease of a nation", kind of along the lines of TLC's "Unpretty". The video focuses on Bey and a handful of other would-be pageant winners going through all sorts of pain -- hair curlers, corsets, even Botox -- in order to achieve society's perception of what is beautiful.

Watch the music video for Beyonce's "Pretty Hurts", directed by Harvey Keitel, off YouTube below:

Is there a line that strikes you as the most important from Beyonce's "Pretty Hurts"? We want to hear it. Let us know in the comments, and download Beyonce's self-titled album off iTunes today.