Beyonce's "God Made You Beautiful" Lyrics Written For Blue Ivy

The pop queen sings to her little one in her latest track: see just what the lyrics mean.

Beyonce's documentary Life Is But A Dream is was just released on DVD, and with the documentary comes a brand new song from the famous diva. "God Made You Beautiful" is a stunning, powerful slow jam, kind of reminiscent of "Halo", except this time she's not singing to her main man Jay Z: it's to her daughter, Blue Ivy!

How do we know the song is about Bey's bundle of joy? We took at the lyrics, of course. Here's the breakdown of the words to Beyonce's "God Made You Beautiful":

"When you were born
The angels sighed in delight
They never thought they'd see such a beautiful sight
You took the breath
And the world was right again
Tears were shed
How we have been blessed"

If this first paragraph in Beyonce's lovely new song isn't enough to prove that the lyrics are about her daughter, we don't know what to tell you. Bey + Jay are truly blessed!

"And your love, it shines so bright
You bring me back to life, back to life
You make everything right
And your love, it shines so bright
You bring me back to life, back to life
You got a light inside, light inside"

It's said that when you have a child, your entire world changes and it's no longer about you, it's about them. Beyonce is clearly expressing that sentiment in this stanza. Her life was reborn again!

"And lucky me you where brought in to my life
I kiss those little feet
And watch for your perfect smile
And when it comes
The world stops in your eyes
I found love
I found peace of the purest kind"

The image of Beyonce and her little one really does sound like peace of the purest kind. Somebody pass the tissues... we promise these are happy tears...

"Thank God
You are amazing
Thank God for giving me you
You're beautiful
You're beautiful
You're beautiful
God made you beautiful"

Beyonce says a little prayer every day for her beautiful little Blue Ivy. So cute. :')

Listen to Beyonce's gorgeous new song from Life Is But A Dream off Soundcloud below, and share your favorite line from the track with us in the comments: