Beyonce's "Grown Woman" Lyrics Have Possibly Leaked

Image source: foundhov | Instagram

Get ready, Beyonce fans, because these are apparently the lyrics to her next single that she teased in her Pepsi commercial! Posted to foundhov's Instagram, rumor has it that these are indeed the actual lyrics to the new single from Bey, due out ASAP. Usually, Beyonce's lyrics are about her relationships or inspiring women, and while the words to "Grown Woman" may have to do with those two factors, it really seems to be all about her for once. We're definitely feeling the lines I can be bad if I want / I wanna be grown if I want / I wanna live fast if I want, because it seems like Queen Bey is finally coming into her own and just not giving a care about what people think about her. Way to go, Sasha Fierce!

What are your thoughts on the supposed leak of Beyonce's "Grown Woman" lyrics? Are these the real deal? We'll find out soon enough...