Blue Ivy Carter's Pop Star Baby Collabs

We already know Jay-Z & Beyonce's new baby Blue Ivy Carter will be a pop star (she's already featured in her daddy's track "Glory", for goodness sakes!), so we've got high hopes for the little girl's future in music. In fact, we're pretty sure this little superstar-in-the-making will befriend fellow pop star babies and maybe do a collaboration or two?

92.3 NOW compiled a list of famous artists and their babies as potential collabos for miss Blue Ivy. We have no idea what kind of songs these kids could write in the future, so we modified the lyrics of the pop star babies' parents' songs, and voila! Potential collabo tracks for B.I.C.:

Emilia Lovely (Dev's baby daughter)

In all honesty, "In The Dark" is a pretty provocative song. So how do we make it more child-friendly for Blue and Emilia to sing along to? How about this:

Tell me Mommy, if it's wrong / To let my thoughts get the better of me? / Late at night I feel so scare-scare-sc-sc-scared of the dark / Scared of the dark

Monroe & Moroccan (Mariah Carey & Nick Cannon's twins)

We just KNOW that Blue + Roc n' Roe (the twins' nicknames) will be having play-dates together! And what better song to sing to than Mariah's "Always Be My Baby"?

Moroccan: You'll always be a part of me / Monroe: I'm a part of you indefinitely / Blue: Guys, don't you know you can't escape me / All: Ooh darling, 'cause we'll always be best friend babies

Willow Sage (P!nk & Corey Hart's baby girl)

Although we can't be sure what kind of music Blue Ivy will gravitate towards, we have a hunch she'll dabble in the R&B/hip-hop genre. Which is why the collabo between Blue and P!nk's daughter Willow Sage will be like ying and yang: R&B/hip-hop and pop/rock! Can't you just see them singing the following from "Get The Party Started"?

Boulevard is freakin' as we're comin' up fast / We'll be burnin' rubber in our motorized Barbie jeep / Pull up to the bumper, get out of the car seat / License plate says we're both pint-sized superstars

Which pop star kids would you love to see singing with baby Blue Ivy?

~ A.H.