Breaking Down Justin Bieber's "Roller Coaster" Lyrics

The latest #MusicMondays song from the heartthrob is a funky one: but what does it mean?

Justin Bieber has been hard at work every Monday for the past few weeks, in his #MusicMondays campaign, releasing new songs on the Internet for all the Beliebers to hear. It's a great tactic to keep fans in the loop with his new music, and the latest song to come out from the Biebs is "Roller Coaster".

Previous releases by the pop star have been rather sad in nature, most likely tying back to the breakup between him and Selena Gomez, which makes the upbeat groove on "Roller Coaster" stand out more than the past songs. However, the lyrical content is still pretty low, which we're going to take a look at as we break down Bieber's newest #MusicMondays track:

"Where did they go?
Nights like this don't happen anymore
I need to know
Is it me? or did I lose control?"

Hmm, could this verse be alluding to Justin's latest antics? The famous singer has been known to be causing trouble in various hotels as he travels the world on tour, so we think he's potentially lamenting about his time with Selena when he was at peace.

"Only overseas
Only memories
Wish I had the key to your heart
People come and go
Baby, they don't know
What we had before
What it felt before our eyes"

Again, we really feel like "Roller Coaster" is an ode to the love he lost with Selena. He's currently overseas, doesn't have the key to her heart anymore, and is referencing a love he once had.

"Roller coaster, roller coaster
Spinning all around and around for a world baby
Roller coaster, roller coaster
For a minute we were up, but the next we were falling down"

We love the metaphor for a failed relationship that Bieber is painting a picture for. Him & Selena's love was like a roller coaster: first, they went up, and then their demise led them down, down, down.

"It's been difficult
I'm just happy there's no fights no more
But it's nights like this that I never ever missed you more
If there's a reason why this happens for"

Justin would totally take back all the fights him & Selena went through just to not feel lonely at night anymore! Despite how fun and funky the track is, these lyrics are just making us too sad... :'(

Listen to Justin Bieber's "Roller Coaster" audio off VEVO below:

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