Breaking Down OneRepublic's 'The Fault In Our Stars' Anthem "What You Wanted"

The 'Native' track was used in the trailer for the upcoming tear-jerking flick: but what do they lyrics mean?

One of the biggest entertainment news pieces to drop today was the new trailer for the movie version of The Fault In Our Stars, which tells the tale of two teenagers dealing with cancer and subsequently falling in love. Based on the best-selling young adult novel by John Green, it's a beautiful love story that has resonated with millions of readers around the world -- not to mention a real tearjerker. And in the trailer, OneRepublic's Native track "What You Wanted" really sets the mood of the two main characters Hazel and Gus falling for each other.

We thought we'd take a look at the lyrics to the uplifting track and see what the song's really about. Have a look with us:

I'll find the places where you hide
I'll be the dawn on your worst night
The only thing left in your life
Yeah I would kill for you, that's right
If that's what you wanted

It's no secret that this romantic ode was penned about a very powerful love. The narrator is making his point that they are there for the person they love, no matter what, kind of like Hazel & Gus' devotion to each other.

I'll put your poison in my veins
They say the best love is insane, yeah
I'll light your fire till my last day
I'll let your fields burn around me, around me
If that's what you wanted

The line 'they say the best love is insane' is really sticking with us, mainly because the relationship portrayed by the two characters in the novel is anything but normal.

I'll run out of this town
Oh, my love is true
Tell me, something I wouldn't do

The narrator begs: tell me something I won't do for your love! It's a truly romantic song and it was a great choice to pair with The Fault In Our Stars movie.

Listen to the audio for "What You Wanted" by OneRepublic off VEVO below:

Do you have a favorite lyric line from the track featured in the The Fault In Our Stars movie trailer? Let us know.