Breaking Down Rihanna's Latest Lyric Tease

RiRi tweeted a handful of poetic lines with the hashtag #barz at the end. What could it all mean?

Whenever an artist takes to Twitter to share a couple of lyrical snippets, you know we're going to take notice. The latest artist to tweet potential song lyrics to the masses? None other than Rihanna, who's rumored to be working on not one, but TWO new albums slotted for release by the end of the year.

Suspiciously enough, two other artists are also involved with the mysterious tweets RiRi sent out: "Pretty Girl Rock" singer Keri Hilson and "Pills N Potions" hit-maker Nicki Minaj. How do we know? Each Rihanna tweet included the hashtag #barz, while Keri Hilson's single tweet did as well:

And Nicki posted the following fan art to Instagram with said hashtag:

According to these clues, we're gonna guess it's safe to say all three ladies might be releasing a single together: which would be amazing, right? But what are the lyrics to this potential upcoming jam from the three R&B singers? Let's break down Rihanna's tweets, one by one:

We're quite a fan of this line, because to whoever RiRi's singing to, she's clearly infatuated by them and hanging on their every word, even if they're not true. Oh, those bad boys! Kind of reminiscent of "Can't Remember To Forget You"...

When you think about it, love and politics are very similar, in the sense that you have to give and take quite a bit in both subjects. Interesting comparison, RiRi.

With this line, we can tell that even though Rihanna's into this so-called lover, he's clearly no good. He knows how to manipulate people. Definitely getting a "Can't Remember To Forget You 2.0" vibe!

This is an interesting snippet. It's like she's trying her best to categorize him with all the other things that get on her nerves, but she can't escape the fact that she loves him. Who hasn't been there?

This isn't the first time that RiRi's acknowledged her love of money in her lyrics: "Pour It Up", anybody?

Let's get one thing straight: Rihanna doesn't fall in love. She just throws out a few "cares" (the censored version) every now and then. Don't be mentioning the L word in front of her!

Swapping gender roles every so eloquently, RiRi pretends she's the man in whatever her relationship is with this lover, letting him know she's not in it for the long haul.

This just speaks for itself, really. And dont get us started on what #barz means...your guess is as good as ours.

We hope you enjoyed that meticulous lyrical breakdown of what appears to be a soon-to-be three-way hit song, and just because we feel like it, here's Keri Hilson's "Pretty Girl Rock" off VEVO:

What do you think of Rihanna's mysteriously lyrical tweets? What about Keri Hilson and Nicki Minaj's involvement in the #barz project? Comment below.