Breaking Down The Lyrics To Rebecca Black's "Saturday"

The Internet sensation is back with her follow-up to her smash...hit? Are the lyric better (or worse) than "Friday"?

Remember when Internet sensation Rebecca Black burst onto the pop scene with her blazingly simple-yet-silly ode to "Friday"? We'll never forget it, simply for its so-bad-it's-good charm, and to be fair, it's totally worked out for the up-and-coming pop starlet. She's performed with Katy Perry and even starred in the pop star's music video with her, for gosh sakes! And now, Ms. Black is totally poking fun at herself, which is awesome, in her latest single with Dave Days, "Saturday".

That's right, Rebecca is paying homage to the day that comes after Friday — Saturday, in case you didn't know — and the lyrics & accompanying video are super tongue-in-cheek. So get out your dictionary, reading glasses, find a comfy chair and help us break down the sophisticated lyrics to Rebecca Black's "Saturday":

2 PM, getting out of my bed
Trying to get Friday out of my head
It's all so hazy
Got a little too crazy
You know I'd do it all again

Looks like Rebecca had a little more than "cereal" on her Friday, don't you think? She can't even remember what she did last night! But, in true Katy Perry "Last Friday Night" fashion, they'd do it alllllllllll again.

Call everyone you know
Turn up the radio
Cause this is our song
We can do no wrong
Are you ready, are you ready to go?

We don't know why Rebecca is opting to put on the radio at her house party, when she could clearly just use YouTube or Spotify to stream her tunes. Maybe "Friday" on repeat?

This Saturday we're gonna party all night
One we will remember the rest of our lives
This Saturday we're gonna do it bigger than we ever have before
I don't want this Saturday to end

As much as you don't want Saturday to end, Rebecca, remember that you're still young and need your sleep. Also...what day comes after Saturday again?

Yesterday was Friday, today is Saturday
We're gonna live like there's no tomorrow
Wouldn't have it any other way

This final nod to Rebecca's "Friday" lyrics are the perfect touch to spoofing herself. We kind of love it.

Watch the awesome music video (featuring a Miley Cyrus lookalike!) for Rebecca Black + Dave Days' "Saturday" off YouTube below:

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