Britney Spears' 'Britney Jean' Track List

See which songs made the cut for BritBrit's personal new album.

It s been an exciting second-half of 2013 so far, because one of our favorite pop queens, miss Britney Spears, is set to release Britney Jean in just a few weeks. She first dropped the single "Work B**ch" back in September, and then premiered the lyrics to her latest release "Perfume" exclusively on our site, and now BritBrit has revealed to her fans the track list to her 8th studio album.

Featuring, naturally (he's helping produce her album), as well as a guest rap spot from T.I., the featured artists aren't looking too shabby on Brit's record. And lo and behold, look who made the cut on the second-to-last track: Britney's little sister, Jamie Lynn! We can't wait to hear all the songs off Britney Jean, but for now, we're familiarizing ourselves with the track list:

1. Alien
2. Work B**ch
3. Perfume
4. It Should Be Easy (feat.
5. Tik Tik Boom (feat. T.I.)
6. Body Ache
7. Til It's Gone
8. Passenger
9. Chillin' With You (feat. Jamie Lynn)
10. Don't Cry

Deluxe Edition

11. Brightest Morning Star
12. Hold On Tight
13. Now That I Found You
14. Perfume (The Dreaming Mix)

Britney's new album isn't out until December 3rd, but for now, you can play her song "Perfume" on VEVO:

What song title sounds the most exciting to you off Britney Jean? Let us know in the comments.