Britney Spears Drops "Work B***h": Hear The Club-Ready Track

Britney's back, b***h! Listen to her sizzling comeback single...

Bow down to one of pop's reigning queens, y'all: Britney Spears is back! Premiering her new single "Work B***h" on VEVO, the track starts out with BritBrit dropping the lux lyrics You wanna hot body / You wanna Bugatti / You wanna Maserati / You better work b***h over a vaguely similar "Gangnam Style" beat. It's some of Britney's sauciest words yet as the song escalates, claiming Call me the governor / I am the bad b***h / The b***h that ya never know.

No matter what Ms. Spears pulls out of her hat, we know we're going to listen to and love it. We've already put "Work B***h" on repeat, and we can't wait to see what the music video consists of. Somewhere in Vegas, maybe?

Listen to "Work B***h" on VEVO below. Britney's untitled (as of yet) new album is due out by the end of the year: are you excited?