Britney Spears Reveals "Album 8 Recipe" on Facebook

The diva took to her Facebook to share the secret recipe behind her upcoming album!

Britney Spears has been hard at work in the studio on album number eight ever since 2011's smash album Femme Fatale dropped, and what better way to let fans know the secrets behind her recording process than revealing her recipe? BritBrit posted the image above to Facebook over the weekend, which is simple titled Album 8 Recipe and features a photo of the pop star's past seven albums all mixed into one. So what's the recipe for Britney's musical success?

Borrowing lines from each album title Britney's released in her 10+ year career in pop, the instructions all call for a dash of every record to make her upcoming release. We don't know a date or title for Album Number 8, but at least we DO know it takes a year and a half to make, and according to the recipe, the record will be packed with bonuses. Even though we don't even have a snippet of lyrics to base the album off yet, this recipe gives us clues that it will be a healthy mix of every stage Britney's gone through: from confident, to personal, to danceworthy, and of course, not that innocent.

What do you think of Britney's recipe for Album Number 8? Let us know your thoughts...