Britney Spears's Greatest Love Lyrics

" blasting throughout the clubs worldwide, but the girl's got her tender moments too. Remember these Britney hits about good ol' fashioned L-O-V-E? We're counting 'em down and dedicating the lyrics to the bride & groom to be:

3. "Crazy"

"Every time you look at me / My heart is jumpin', it's easy to see / Lovin' you means so much more / More than anything I ever felt before"

We LOVE these lyrics because they just seem so true to BritBrit/JayJay's relationship. We doubt she's had this awesome of a romantic connection with another dude, and they clearly both drive each other CRAY-ZEE!

2. "Sometimes"

"All I really want is to hold you tight / Treat you right, be with you day and night / Baby, all I need is time"

This will be the third marriage for Britney, so we know that she's wiser in love now and has taken things slower with Jason. She's totally referencing her lyrics from over 10 years ago in her new relationship!

1. "Criminal"

"But mama, I'm in love with a criminal / All reason aside, I just can't deny, love the guy"

We all know that Jason's not a criminal, right? Even though the lyrics suggest Britney's in love with a bad boy, the two love birds were just having fun in their music video. We like to think that the guy Jason beats up in the beginning of the vid is a nod to K-Fed...hehehe.

What are your favorite Britney Spears love songs? We wanna know!

~ A.H.