Bruno Mars Reveals "When I Was Your Man" Inspiration In Rolling Stone

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It's a great time to be Bruno Mars. With a chart-topping hit on the Billboard charts and gracing the cover of legendary music magazine Rolling Stone, as well as a huge arena tour he's embarking on this summer, he should be celebrating! However, in his interview with the magazine (due out April 26th), he revealed that it's hard for him to talk about "When I Was Your Man". Why? Apparently, the song is about the time when he thought it was the end for him and his current girlfriend, model Jessica Caban. To quote Mars, it's difficult to bring up the lyrics to the song, as well as perform it live: "[It's like] bringing up all these old emotions's just like bleeding!" Find out more in the latest issue of Rolling Stone.


Watch the video for "When I Was Your Man" below:

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