Callin' Big Poppas Everywhere! Our Father's Day Playlist

Not gonna lie: we had a bit of a tough time putting together a collection of tracks that celebrate dads of all kinds. Tons of songs are floating around that praise all the mommas, so you gotta scour a little deeper to find the classic "old-man" jams. If you want to show your appreciation to your pops through song this Father's Day, take a listen to these daddy-lovin' tunes:
This song will always remind me of my significant other who grew up his whole life without a dad. He thinks the song is so touching because it shows him what life would be like if he had a daddy by his side... *sniff* *tear*

Here's a classic by old-skool Madonna, beggin' her pops to leave her bad boy-toy and...dun dun dun...unborn child alone? Yipes! The song was a bit of a shocker when it was released in 1986, with everybody from Planned Parenthood to The Pope himself freaking out about the so-called "teen pregnancy" theme of the song. Side note: can I just say that I LOVE Madonna in this video? Cropped hair, super buff, full brows - the gal can do no wrong! Don't preach your super-cool daughter, papa!

The thing about Big Willy's "Just The Two Of Us" is that at first listen, it's kinda like a love song to his woman. Check the lyrics, though: I try to be a tough dad, but you be makin me laugh / Crazy joy, when I see the eyes of my baby boy. This tune's a definite staple to include on your Father's Day playlist, with Mr. Smith rappin' on about his first born son Trey. Adorable, but it's still got street cred!

Chances are you've heard this song played on soft-rock radio for more than ten years now by the guitar god Eric Clapton. "My Father's Eyes" is super powerful because of the passing of Clapton's 4-year-old son in 1992, which must have been completely devastating. He lost the chance to be a dad, so he looks to his father's eyes, AKA a higher power, for help. Again... *sniff* *tear*

Apparently, this Gaga track was penned towards her dear ol' dad. While he was in the hospital for open-heart surgery, Lady G sung this ballad to him, which is about a girl who will always love a boy despite his flaws. Excuse me, I think I have something in my eye... *brushes away tears*

Did we miss any of your fave poppa tunes on our list?