Cannon's Countdown: Our Picks

Don't get us wrong, we love "Thriller" and the "Monster Mash" but what if this Halloween we just wanna have some, you know, regular party music too? Come on, we know we're not the only ones thinking it! For moments like these, we like to take a gander at Cannon's Countdown—Nick Cannon's weekly playlist countdown giving you the hottest tracks in music of that week. We peeped this week's Countdown and picked our fave three.

Now you have something to play in between "Ghostbusters", "Werewolves of London" and "Toccata and Fugue in D Minor" (You might not recognize that title, but if you click the link you'll know the song immediately). You're welcome.

3. Tonight, Tonight - Hot Chelle Rae

Just don't stop, let's keep the beat pumpin' / Keep the beat up, let's drop the beat down / It's my party, dance if I want to / We can get crazy, let it all out

If you wanna get crazy, a Halloween party is the place to do it. From dance moves (Thriller, duh!) to outfits (costumes, duh!) things are bound to get cray-cray.

2. Better With The Lights Off - New Boyz/Chris Brown

Now I think it's time, hey Shawty / I hope you don't take this the wrong way / Girl you look better with the lights off

Maybe this song was written about a girl in a really gruesome costume at a Halloween party...

1. Lighters - Bad Meets Evil

Lift my arms out wide I open my eyes / And now all I wanna see / Is a sky full of lighters 

It's impossible NOT to see a sky full of lighters on Halloween. Fireworks and firecrackers galore!

Hit up Cannon's Countdown for the full list of tracks.