Capital Cities Wrote Their "Safe And Sound" Lyrics On A Barf Bag For Us

Without a doubt the most original handwritten lyrics submission we've had.

image of capital cities

When we asked indie-pop duo Capital Cities to submit a handwritten lyrics feature for their latest single "Safe and Sound," we expected their submission to look a lot like the handwritten lyrics features we regularly run — nicely written on a clean sheet of looseleaf or something. Instead, we got something a bit more unique. Capital Cities hand wrote out the lyrics to their hit single "Safe and Sound" on a barf bag.

We can't tell you for certain why the band chose an "airsickness bag." Perhaps they had some spare time on a flight and looked for the nearest piece of paper. Or maybe they're trying to tell us something. Whatever the case, we're just glad the bag was unused. Here it is in all its glory. Check it out below, and, if you can, try to ignore the added meaning given to the lyric "I could fill your cup."

capital cities handwritten lyrics

"Safe And Sound" is the platinum selling single from Capital Cities latest album, In A Tidal Wave of Mystery, available now on iTunes.

Watch the lyric video for "Safe and Sound" below and head to the official lyric page to share your favorite lines from the song.

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