Carrie Underwood Doesn't Know Her First or "Last Name" in This Week's Misheard Lyric

With all of this Carrie Underwood news out there right now, from her new album Blown Away to her Live On Letterman performance of epic proportions, the girl is on everybody's lips right now. So, why not search around for a Carrie Underwood misheard lyric? We found one from her hit tune "Last Name" that made us LOL:

The Misheard Lyric:
"Oh baby, my name's Joe."

The Real Lyric:
"Oh, where did my manners go?"

Watch Carrie's crazy night unfold in her "Last Name" video on VEVO:

Do you have any lyrics that you've hilariously misheard? Let us know in the comments, and we could feature them in next week's MLOW!