Carrie Underwood Talks Taylor Swift Feud On CBS This Morning

Right before Carrie Underwood's Blown Away tour kicks off today, February 13th, the country star and American Idol went on CBS This Morning to discuss her career, her aspirations, and a few rumours with interviewer Gayle King.

On the topic of American Idol and the fact that Underwood still watches the singing competition: "I love watching. I love seeing hopefuls, just like I was, you know—this could change their lives forever. I think that's why people like to watch shows like that, is because it's a Cinderella story."

On the insecurities that still follow her when she goes on tour: "I'm still thinking, God, are we doing this for a reason? Are people going to show up? Are people going to like it?"

She also goes into detail about her rumoured feud with Taylor Swift, which she denies, and how tabloids can get away with printing things about her that she says aren't true.

Watch the clip above and tell us what you think in the comments!