Carson Daly Grills Justin Bieber On "Boyfriend" and Growing Up

Monday morning marked the release of Justin Bieber's much anticipated new song "Boyfriend" and Carson Daly got an exclusive interview with the pop star and asked him about transitioning from child star to full-grown musician. Justin had this to say about his new sound:
"I'm trying to just work through it and you know, puberty definitely happens. My voice has already changed...I can hit falsetto. I can't hit the main note. That's not my full voice that I used to be able to hit."

So he can't hit the same notes as before, but that didn't stop Michael Jackson, or Justin Timberlake: "[Timberlake] did make a smooth transition from *NSYNC into his solo career, so that was remarkable." Explained Bieber, but that doesn't mean he's trying to follow his career trajectory. "I want to be the best I can be. I'm not looking to Justin Timberlake and being like, "I want to emulate his career" or even look at Usher and emulate his. I just want to take pieces, and like I said, just build myself and make my own way and maybe the next artist can say, "I want to follow in Justin Bieber's footsteps." Hey, nobody ever accused him of dreaming small!

When asked about the romantic lyrics to "Boyfriend" and how his girlfriend Selena Gomez feels about it, Justin played coy but admitted: "She loves it. It is about her." We're betting millions of girls around the world would love to be in her position right now!

You can listen to the full interview on Amp Radio and hear the song "Boyfriend" below!