Cee Lo's Controversial Lyrics At Presidential Fundraiser

Although the song that Cee Lo Green is most known-for has been around since 2010, it seems it's still causing problems due to its sensitive language. Green took part in a fundraiser last weekend for President Obama's re-election campaign and his performance got him into a bit of a pickle. The fundraiser was put on by film director and actor Tyler Perry in Atlanta on Saturday and Green sang his hit song "Forget You" — only he sang the uncensored version!

At first he was just flipping the middle finger to the audience in place of the song's chorus of "F*ck you" but was unsatisfied. According to our friends at 92.3 NOW, he asked the audience "Can I cuss?" and proceeded to sing the uncensored chorus. You can see a video of the controversial performance here. He was later criticized by an attendee of the fundraiser on Twitter:

[tweet https://twitter.com/CeeLoGreen/status/181180234882744320]

Sounds like Cee Lo is...sorry but not sorry.

What do you think, was he in the wrong or do people need to get over the use of profanity in music? Let us know in the comments...