Celebrate Canada Day With 15 Songs By Canadian Artists

It's Canada Day on July 1st! Celebrate your Canuck status with these 15 songs...

Do we have any Canadian Metrolyrics fans in the house? Or, better yet, are you a fan of Canadian music? It's that time again: Canada's birthday falls on July 1st, and hey, it's never looked better (for being almost 150 years old!). With many Canadian artists topping the charts these days, it's a country that's notorious for releasing music everything from pop to hip-hop to folk, and it's all covered in our Canada Day playlist. So what are you waiting for? Wave your Canadian flag and be sure to proudly sport red and white as you hit play on our 15 songs by Canadian artists playlist on Spotify:

1. Take A Picture ☺ Carly Rae Jepsen
2. Like A Comet [We Rollin'] ☺ K-OS ft. Corey Hart
3. Red Hands ☺ Walk Off The Earth
4. All Around The World (Acoustic) ☺ Justin Bieber
5. Spirit Indestructible ☺ Nelly Furtado
6. Started From The Bottom ☺ Drake
7. Here's To Never Growing Up ☺ Avril Lavigne
8. Inner Ninja ☺ Classified ft. David Myles
9. Closer ☺ Tegan and Sara
10. One In A Million ☺ Down With Webster
11. Stompa ☺ Serena Ryder
12. Heart Of Gold ☺ Neil Young
13. Hallelujah ☺ k.d. lang
14. Breathing Underwater (Acoustic) ☺ Metric
15. Angel ☺ Sarah McLachlan

Justin Bieber Takes Us "All Around The World" In His New Music Video

What are your favorite songs by Canada's best and brightest artists? Let us know in the comments. Happy Canada Day from all of us at Metrolyrics!